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The fact that you are reading these lines obviously shows that you are not happy with the size of your breasts. But you are not alone. Statistics say that hundreds of thousands of women in the US have breast enlargement surgery done every year. Anyway, surgery is not the only method by which you can increase the size of your breasts. Actually you can do simple and effective exercises at home to attain the size and shape you’d like to.

Top 5 breast size enhancement exercises

Increase breast size naturallyExercise and eat right. You can make your breasts look perkier by toning up your upper body muscles despite the fact that you do not have muscle tissue in your breasts. Developing the pectoral muscles also can help make smaller breasts look bigger. Aim to eat healthy and balanced and maintain a proper body weight. Because of their firmer look, the size of your breasts improves automatically.

Here are the top 5 exercises for bigger breasts:

Exercise with dumbbells

For this exercise you should have a pair of dumbbells. Lay down on the exercise bench with a dumbbell in your hands. Stretch out your arms to make sure they are at level along with your shoulders and are parallel with the floor. Gradually raise the dumbbells above you, bringing them close enough to the touch. Then lower your arms back to the starting position.

It is necessary that the arms are straight throughout the exercise to achieve the best effects. Except for a slight bend around your elbow.

You don’t have dumbbells at home? Don’t worry, check out this video and see how you can do these exercises even without them!

Wall – ups

Although the easiest of all exercises wall-ups are highly effective for breast enhancement. Exercise is carried out in a way similar to the push-ups. The main difference is that you have to use a wall to push against instead of the floor. Perform the exercise as follows.

Stand on two feet distance from the wall. The distance between your feet ought to be equal to the width of your shoulders. Place your palms flat on the wall and bend your arms. Lean forward up to the point your head touches the wall. Keep that position for approximately ten seconds and after that repeat this.

Rotation push – ups

Perform rotation push-ups. They are a slightly altered variation of the typical push-ups which you do during a physical exercise. The basic principles of the exercise are identical. You ought to be on your palms, with your body straight. The gap between your arms should be preferably equal to your shoulder width although it is possible to position them wider.

By bending your arms go low to the maximum extent. After that, straighten your arms and push your body back up. Then, raise your left arm rotating at the same time your upper body on the left. Use exactly the same method for working on your right breast.

Elevated push – ups

Elevated push-ups are definitely more impactful however they take some more energy compared to rotation push-ups. The main modification for the exercise you should make is to use a bench or steps in order to keep your feet on.

You’d be on your toes and palms. The difference is that your legs will be elevated, at the same time your palms will be flat on the floor. Get down as low as you can by bending your arms. After that, using arms push your body back up.

Chest dips

Make use of exercise dip bars for chest dips. Grab on to the bars and pull your body up. Incline your entire body outwards so your chest muscles can get considerably more attention. Go down to the initial position. Keep your upper body in the same forward position all the time. Do this routine 15 to 30 times each day to achieve optimum result.

These are the top 5 exercises for bigger breasts. Although your cup size will not increase your breasts will certainly become firmer and perkier. And after regular exercise for a few months they will definitely look better.

To further improve results in your efforts to increase the size of your breasts through exercises, you can have a look at other natural methods that helps make your breasts bigger. 

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